Monday, 1 May 2017

The stories that won’t make headlines in George Osborne’s Evening Standard
Stories that will never make the Guardian, or almost ANY other media outlet:
1) An MP did something good, competent, valuable or against corruption.
2) An MP or top bureaucrat did something wholesome or exemplified family values.
3) A deed, event, speech or interview advanced cooperation and reduced conflict

Police told to 'stop pushing responsibility' for domestic violence prosecutions onto victims
This is is outrageous! These police act as if people should take some responsibility on themselves. Don't they realise that we British are totally irresponsible and that we expect someone else to make ALL our decisions for us?

Labour pledges crackdown on bad landlords so rented homes are 'fit for human habitation'
There should also be a list of tenant tasks in general repair and maintenance, with tough fines "to call time on bad tenants."

There should also be a list of tenant tasks in general repair and maintenance, with tough fines for to call time on bad tenants.
Angela Merkel arrives without headscarf in Saudi Arabia for talks with King Salman
Good for her. They expect to wear their own dress when the visit our countries, even when they emigrate to LIVE in our countries. Either they should extend us the same courtesy or we should withdraw ours.

Francis Ford Coppola Says ‘The Godfather’ Wouldn’t Get Made Today
It could not be made today: it would be considered racist.
Imagine an epic saga about the crimes that a family of illegal immigrants commit.

Facebook And Twitter Branded A ‘Disgrace’ By MPs For Not Tackling Online Hate
Right. And the post office too!  Do you have any idea how many letters contain hate speech?
They should also ask the post office, just as they are asking Facebook and Twitter, to open every posted letter and read it before deciding whether to send it on to its intended destination. Any letters found containing hate speech should be destroyed.

Supermarkets Urged To Boost ‘Wonky Veg’ Sales To Fight Growing Food Waste Problem
Yeah, and we'll believe them when we see the government all buying these veg for their own kitchens.
Just let the supermarkets donate the stuff to the NHS, with liability protection

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