Thursday, 25 May 2017

Manchester bombing: Trump calls US leaks 'deeply troubling'
This government leaks from the very top down: Americans are no longer to be trusted.

Trump to NATO: Unpaid dues unfair to U.S. taxpayers
No one in NATO pays "dues" to anyone, nor do they "owe" anyone anything.
      While it is true that many countries devote less of the GDP to military matters than the US does, that is a matter for each sovereign nation. If the US thinks it is spending more than its fair share, it should cut back on the amount it spends.

New York Times Defends Running Leaked Manchester Bombing Pictures
"We cover stories about terrorism from all angles. Not only stories about victims but also how terrorist groups work, their sources of funding, how they recruit."
       And that is only PART of what we do to aid and abet terrorism. Along with most media outlets, we give the terrorists excessive coverage of exactly the kind they are looking for. The terrorists could not be happier with the publicity we give them.

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