Thursday, 11 May 2017

Tim Farron Decided To Get In A Hovercraft And Go Really Fast Down A Beach
Huffpo's headline decided to relate this story in a snarky way, continuing their tradition of belittling all politicians so that the public cannot trust or respect them. Ned Simmons was slightly gentler in his snarkasm, but only slightly. The new journalism considers snarcasity to be "cool" - a way of getting closer to their audience and a way to imagine themselves as "tough"

Trump Launches Review of Federal Election Process
It is very important to have something, even a non-existent problem, to distract the attention of his base from the fact that he has cut their health care while giving himself and his millionaire friends a massive great windfall.

Rosenstein Pressed White House to Correct the Record on Comey Firing
The problem with being in bed with liars, Mr Rosenstein, is that they do not just lie about other people, sometimes they lie abut you as well

BBC Question Time Accused Of Bias After Opening From Conservative Councillor
Well, of course anyone who has a conservative opinion MUST be a plant, and how dare Dimbleby suggest that this guy be allowed to speak when someone was in the middle of interrupting him. 
    Once anyone is elected to a town council (whether Tory, Labour, Liberal or Selfish National Party) , their opinion no longer counts and they should not be allowed to speak in any public forum outside of the council chamber and their own press conferences.

    If they do try to speak, they should be interrupted immediately and continuously.   Innit?

Jeremy Corbyn’s Leaked Manifesto Policies Get Thumbs Up From Voters In Latest Poll
A bunch of free stuff for me, paid for by somebody else: what's not to like?
I especially like the idea of re-nationalizing "THE RAILWAYWS" as Huffpo calls them.

We should also re-nationalize Airlines, Buses, Coal ... Steel, Telecoms, Waterways and any other industries we think are running too efficiently or whose prices to the public have fallen too far since they were privatised.

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