Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Increase in the National Debt 
Obama    68%     Bush II       101%
Clinton    32%     GHW Bush  54%
Carter     43%      Reagan      186%
Johnson 13%        Ford           47%
JFK          8%      Nixon          34%
TOTAL 164%            TOTAL 422% 
 # YEARS 28            # YEARS 28

Will it see success in Congress?

Jeremy Corbyn Interview On Woman’s Hour Prompts Cries Of Bias
People clearly have not been following the recent swing in the definition of the word "bias."
It now means: "anything against my side, regardless of whether it is true or not."
Any media outlet that is not 100% for us, is "biased."

Jeremy Corbyn All But Confirms To Webchat He Won’t Stand Down If Labour Loses
Too right, Jeremy. You stay at the trough, no matter what happens, old son. 
There are a lot more perks and bennies where your current ones came from.

Andy Murray hints at boycott over Margaret Court anti-gay marriage comments
There should be no building named after anyone who does not agree with me and we should boycott all events where someone doesn't agree with me.

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