Thursday, 18 May 2017

Flynn reportedly told Trump team he was under investigation before inauguration
But they said: "Paid lobbyist for a foreign power, so what?"
You didn't think we really MEANT it when we said 'Drain the Swamp" did you?"

Mincing words: Clinton was hounded by the more powerful "independent" counsel, not the weaker "special" one. He should count himself lucky. 
        Poor Donnie: Next thing you know, people will be asking for his birth certificate, his school transcripts and his tax returns

What Theresa May said  – and what she really meant
Great! Wonderful example of modern journalism! 
If you can't find a way to trash a politician's own words, make up something that is easier to trash.
 A Classic iteration of the modern two-goal "story:"
       Goal 1: Make somebody else look bad
       Goal 2: Make the journalist look good (at least in his own mind)

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