Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Who Wins and Who Loses Under Republicans’ Health Care Plan
Losers = those earning under 30K (50% of all workers)
Winners = those earning more than 50k (around 50% of all households)
Big Winners = those earning 75K (about 3% of workers, 10% of households)

Budget 2017: 10 Bits Of Bad News Buried By Philip Hammond
"Burried" is journo speak for "we were not bright enough to catch this the first time around because they didn't include it in the press release that we printed as if it were our own work.
House Republicans Unveil Plan to Replace Health Law
We were promised lower costs, wider coverage and better care.
We got higher cost, fewer covered and lower quality care.

Jess Phillips: I Would Stand To Be Labour Leader
Not sure she is all that qualified, but she certainly couldn't be worse than Corbyn

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