Sunday, 26 March 2017

Trump vs. Congress:Now What?

"G.O.P., Once United in Opposition, Struggles for Unity"

The only  thing these folks had in common was that they didn't like Obama.  
Now they are finding that they didn't like him for seriously different reasons.
As he is gone, they realize that they don't really like each other.  

Worse, they have made a policy of not compromising with anyone  - so they will not compromise for fear of losing their paycheck.  Republican anti-Obama gridlock has become Republican anti-other-Republican gridlock.

Meanwhile the Democrats sit back thinking they will reap the benefits without proposing policies that the American people want and like.  They will be disappointed and America will keep searching for someone, anyone, who will actually listen.  Someone who will put America before their paychecks and their orthodoxy.

White House Opens Door to Democrats in Wake of Health-Bill Failure
He is searching for anyone who will support his ego.  Remember, he was a Democrat originally.

Freedom Caucus' Jordan: End ObamaCare blaming, ‘Let’s get to work’
You now know that unless you give us 100% of what we want, we ain't giving you squat.
So let's get to work on giving us ALL the stuff our donors want

Thousands Protest Corruption in Russia in Challenge to President Vladimir Putin
They had better be careful:  Putin opponents tend to die suddenly.
Indeed, President Trump better be careful: Putin agents who do not deliver also tend to die.

Completely Unacceptable’ We Can’t See Terrorists’ WhatsApp Messages, Says Amber Rudd
Oh, and by the way, we want to see yours as well, just in case you might be working for someone we don't like - or someone we might not like in the future.

And every journalist who pointed out at the time that these were bald-faced lies deserves commendation. Every journalist who did not, should go get another job because they are useless tools who serve only to mis-lead their public,

Jeremy Corbyn Says Counter-Terrorism Strategy Should Not Just Focus On Muslims
True! It should also focus on Catholics, who have killed far more of us that Muslims ever have.

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