Monday, 27 March 2017

Trump Taps Jared Kushner To Lead Team That Will Run Government ‘Like A Company’
Oh good!
A company is run to provide services to its customers (the taxpayers)
A key company goal is to grow its customer base, so more people will pay taxes.
A another key company goal is to increase its revenues, so taxes will go up
A secondary goal is to make a profit, so we will have budget surpluses
   [Okay some will get paid out in  shareholders' (donors') dividends]

Tactics along the way:
  • Big discounts to volume customers (those who pay more taxes get special treatment, more services and a hefty discount).
  • Pay your workers as little as you can, your board level folks as much as you can - so expect federal wages to go down while cabinet members salaries grow rapidly, including bonuses to cabinet members who can bring in more taxes while cutting costs.
  • Cut unprofitable lines of business: stop providing services that run at a loss,such as the military.
  • Except for some small, high PR profile work, a company does not provide any services to people who are not its customers.  You don't pay taxes you get no government services.
We need some benchmarks for Kushner running the government like a company. 
    Under Obama, federal government revenue rose on average, by about 4% per year
    That’s an okay company showing, but not very exciting. 
A traditional company (like GM or GE) would reasonably happy with revenue growth of 10-15%. 
A really good company (say, Amazon) would expect to produce revenue growth around 25% per year
       So we should see the federal government’s tax take by rise by between $325 billion and $800 billion, 
      if Kushner is any good.

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