Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Trump brags about Ford investment he had nothing to do with
Today, President Trump jumped at the opportunity to take a victory lap on Twitter over news that a deal brokered under President Obama, long before he took office, will come to fruition soon.
       The Ford Motor Company announced early Tuesday that it will invest $9 billion in facilities across the U.S., including three facilities in job-starved Michigan that will manufacture the new Ford Ranger and Bronco models.
     Good news for everyone, to be sure, and Trump wasted no time taking to Twitter with this bit of chest pounding and implying that he’s the one responsible:
      While Trump was quick to take credit for the investment, the plan is “consistent with what we announced previously,” Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s President of the Americas, told NBC News, noting that all three projects were in the works well before Trump took office — the largest, involving an assembly plant, was approved as part of a deal with the United Auto Workers Union in 2015.”
     95 percent of the $9 billion in U.S. investment is part of the 2015 agreement struck between the automaker and the UAW. Only $350 million represents additional investment...
    Edited from PETER MELLADO on 28 March 2017

Charter Schools and Public Schools yield about the same results, on average
Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes  found that students at charter schools got, on average,  about the same results as students in public schools - even though they can be more selective; picking less-disabled, less disruptive and brighter students. The averages were:
                      Charter  Reading   Charter Math  
Better                  25%                           29%
Same                    56%                          40%
Worse                  19%                           31%
Individual systems defied these averages, with charter schools in some districts providing a distinct advantage to their students and and  a distinct disadvantage in others.

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