Thursday, 30 March 2017

With Washington’s Blessing, Telecom Giants Can Mine Your Web History
SJ Res 34 is simple rent seeking: the extraction of uncompensated value from others without making any contribution to productivity; a way for those who voted to pass it to enrich their friends off of your back without compensating you or allowing you to opt out.
     But look on the bright side: ISPs can now sell Trump Organization internet data to his competitors and White House, Trump Tower and Mar el Lago data to the mainstream media.

Theresa May Attacked For Suggesting UK Will Use Terrorism Fight As A Bargaining Chip.
Mrs May and her crew had better develop thick skins, as whatever they do about Brexit will be wrong. Every action will displease almost all of the Remainers, about 1/2 of the Leavers and half of the "Couldn't-Be-Bothered-To-Voters. That is, a majority of Brittons will disapprove of, and be displeased by, anything that happens over the next two years.

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