Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Logic of Healthcare
We could ask ourselves: would we rather live in a society where everyone is healthy, or one where some are healthy and some are not?
     If there was a proven way to provide more people with better healthcare at a lower cost than at present, what might be the reasons for not taking advantage of that opportunity.
      1) There is a moral hazard in allowing some people to get more healthcare than they pay for
      2) The profits available to private enterprise would be lower
      3) The bureaucracy needed to run a nationwide system would be large
      4) Some observers might label the system “socialism”
Now, which of the above reasons are good and sufficient to deliberately maintain a system that we know gives us worse results at a higher cost?  Know with a myriad of empirical evidence.

That is, which of these are valid reasons for our society to stay less healthy than we can make it and for us all to pay more to be less healthy.

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