Monday, 20 February 2017

Zuckerberg lays out vision for Facebook’s future
The media seem to be scrambling to blame "fake news" on everyone except themselves. Not surprising, as they have been peddling fake news to us for decades.and are still hoping we don;t notice.
The current flavor to blame is networks: if you use a technical platform to spread fake news, it is the platform's fault. That is, it is now the responsibility of the platform to read everything you send to anyone and censor out, or at least identify and label, those bits "we" don't like. (Note: the post office and USPs get a pass here for some reason.)
      Typically, this report doesn't tell us much about what  Zuckerberg actually said, merely uses opportunity to make some barely choate criticisms of the enterprise that competes with PBS and other more traditional media for audience

Trump clarifies 'Sweden' remark, says he was referring to Fox News report
That can happen.  If one relies on sites like Fox News , with their high proportion of fake news, one can get duped from time to time

Democrats aim to reclaim the working class vote
"Democrats aim to reclaim the working class vote"
If they do, they had better learn from Donnie: sell the sizzle, not the steak.

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