Saturday, 11 February 2017

Undocumented Immigrants Arrested Nationwide, Stoking Fears Of ‘Deportation Force’
Oh no! Does this mean that people, especially people "with criminal records," will actually have to obey the law? 
How is that fair? 
What has this country come to when the laws of the United States have to be obeyed in the United States?

50,000-strong petition condemning closure of child refugee programme
How many of the 50,000 have said they will take a refugee child into their home to raise?
 Talk is cheap, actions are gold.

Clive Lewis Dismisses Speculation He Will Challenge Jeremy Corbyn For Leadership
He is not a complete idiot, then. No one wants to be handed the captaincy of a sinking ship

Fake News ‘Killing People’s Minds’, Apple Boss Tim Cook Warns
What do we make of this story appearing on Huffington Post which, along with Breitbart, seems to be one of the more egregious offenders when it come to publishing fake news?

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