Thursday, 2 February 2017

Trump Accuses Australia Of Trying To Send U.S. The ‘Next Boston Bombers’
Poor Donnie, as a real-estate man, all he knows is competitors: he has never had an ally in his life outside of his family

Trump To McConnell: ‘Go Nuclear’ To Confirm Supreme Court Pick
So the only question is: will Gorsuch be a Real Supreme Court Justice (with 60 votes), or a cheap, knock-off copy with 51. Still, nice to see the executive branch telling the legislative branch what to do and how to do it.

Draft Of Trump ‘Religious Freedom’ Executive Order Major Win For Conservative Christians
Finally, Muslim and Mormon businesses (including cops, doctors and nurses) can refuse service to anyone who drinks alcohol, Jewish folk can refuse to help nayone who ahs ever eaten pork, and all business can turn away any who has ever committed adultery! Golf and other Clubs can bar anyone not of a given religion again!

Will the same restrictions and penalties apply too the post office? If not, why not? 
Of course, to comply with this new order, facebook and twitter (and presumably the post office) will have to READ every post that you or anyone else sends. This is why the government is behind this move: once social media have to do it to comply with a law, the government can require them to give it access to every post.

Brexit Is A Mess, But It Didn’t Have To Be
Actually, it DID have to be that way. 
It had to be that way because those who want to leave the EU disagree with each other on HOW and HOW FAR they want to leave it. It is not quite as bad a "for every 10 Brexiteers there are 11 opinions about what they want from Brexit" but there are at least three mutually exclusive ones. Add in a large minority who still do not want to leave at all and another large minority who still don't give a toss and it is patently obvious that it could never be anything BUT a mess.

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