Thursday, 9 February 2017

Airline CEOs To Discuss Aging Infrastructure, Foreign Competition With Trump
All the Airline CEOs want is a food profit. They see the best way to get this is protectionism (so they can charge the American consumer more) and a government corporate welfare handout (so the taxpayer funds improvements to the facilities they use). Not much to ask from a fellow billionaire, is it?

Conservative MPs Slam Government For Limiting Number Of Child Refugees
Outrageous.  The number should have be UNLIMITED.    We are a country of over 60 million people, so we could easily take 6 million refugee children without strain of any kind

Paul Ryan on working with Trump, Russia sanctions and GOP goals
After watching this, I am not as pessimistic as I was. Ryan and his crew may actually get something done, while using the ridiculous Trump and Bannon as a smoke screen. I may not like all that they do, but it is possible that they may get up off their keisters and actually do some work for a change. We just have to hope that Donnie and Steve don't start a war or bring terrorist attacks down on our heads in the meantime.

Trump signs executive order giving police greater authority
Good to see your statistics show that killings by police are falling in all races: Black, White, Hispanic and Other.  What are the statistics for killing by civilians (non-police) (mine are old and out of date)
     Race of Killer - 2011 data
Black    4,729 ( 140 per million)
White   5,486   ( 21 per million)
Unk      4,077   ( 13 per million)
Other       256  (0.05 per million)

What are the statistics for killing by civilians (non-police) (mine below are old and out of date)
  Race of Killer  (2011)
Black             4,729    (140 per million)
White             5,486   (  21 per million)
Unknown       4,077   (  13 per million)

Other                25    (0.05 per million)

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