Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Yasmin Le Bon Defends London Fashion Week Models Against Skinny Shaming
Good for her! There is no difference between slamming someone for being skinny and slamming someone for being fat.

Dispatches Momentum Documentary Prompts Group To Release ‘Pointless Deceit’ Video
Doesn't matter. 
These people do not CARE that they are being lied to. As long as the leaders are whining about the same things the supporters want to whine about, no one cares how many lies are told. 
    Ethics? What are they - oh some bourgeios ideas about honesty and integrity, are they? 
Pffffuf for ethics: so 20th century. The only relevant question is: "does it SOUND good."

Donald Trump Suggests ‘Freedom Of Expression’ Is Hurting Fight Against Terrorism
Yeah! Who needs the first amendment, when we have the second. 
That way, you can just shoot anyone who says something you don't like. 
To paraphrase Heinlein: "It makes for a very small, but very polite society."
(Actually, we do believe in freedom of expression, but only for those who agree with us.)

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