Thursday, 29 September 2016

Univ of Michigan Professors Will Face Disciplinary Action for Ignoring ‘Preferred Pronouns
I prefer the pronoun We and the title Your Royal Highness.Although not actually born into royalty, I identify with the aristocracy. I suppose you could call me a trans-classual.

Trump slams ex-Miss Universe, says 'I saved her job'
Mr pig-snout did a good job there. He saved a mildly chunky woman from being discriminated against because she was less fat than he was (and still is).

Biggest names in politics bolster Trump's massive campaign fundraising
Biggest names in politics?
None of these people are politicians or even political activists.
They are just 1%ers who think America has the best democracy money can buy.

Does the bill permitting lawsuits against governments set dangerous precedent?
The USA will now be an open target. 
Our country will be sued left, right and center and they will all say: "you said this was a good idea."

Jeremy Corbyn Jokes About Traingate
Traingate? Traingate? He did not break into anywhere.
All he did was lie about not being able to get a seat.
Lying is now accepted as a political ploy, breaking and entering is still not okay - just.

NUS Leadership Condemned For Making Jewish Students Feel Unsafe In Campus Politics
Why should having an anti-semite as head of the NUS make them feel unsafe?

Child Sex Abuse Probe Lawyer Ben Emmerson Read About His Suspension On The Internet
Keep them talking about historic (30 years ago) child abuse.
It diverts attention from the thousands of children who are being abused today.

Philadelphia Police Fatally Shoot Man After He Stabbed 2 Children
What? How dare they. Didn't they realise that his life mattered? (Never mind  his victims lives.)
Police could have taken him down with only a few stab wounds apiece and he would still be alive today.

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