Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Report Slams Intelligence Failings Ahead Of David Cameron’s Intervention In Libya
Of course it was Cameron's responsibility - one could not expect the Belgians, Canadians Danes, French, Italians, Norwegians, Qataris, Spanish, Americans or NATO to think of anything - and all of these countries would certainly have done whatever Cameron told them to do.

Empire Pie Sparks Fierce Social Media Debate Over ‘Celebrating Colonial Deaths’
I suppose we should also ban Frankfurters and Hamburgers because of the German holocaust, Beef Wellington because of his draconian rule in Iberia, Castellano cheese because of the Inquisition (boycotting Dominican churches for the same reason). Romano cheese is out because of the genocide at Carthage,  Charlotte Russe and Russian dressing because of the Circassians, Ukrainians and Tatars.  Oh, and forego Ottomans because of Armenians, Assyrians and Maronites, while avoiding all of the Dracula-related castles, hotels and restaurants in Romania.

Who wins from this boundaries fiasco?
We do not need these 650 seats at the trough.
The cuts should go further, taking out 10% (130 seats) in all.
When the rest of government, including the NHS, is being asked to do more with less, there is no reason the fat cats in Parliament should get special coddling.Theresa May Facing Tory Backlash Over Plans To Slash Number Of MPs
Even Tories don't like reducing the number of places at the trough?

The Post Office’s future is in jeopardy – a strike is the only option
The company is in jeopardy.....let's see how badly we can hurt it.
Council Tenants Face ‘80% Tax Rates’ Under Pay-To-Stay Plans
Sadly, the article does not explain how 15% = 80%.
I would sooo loved to have seen the calculations

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