Thursday, 15 September 2016

Obama creates major no-go zone for fishermen in the Atlantic
How dare he protect our fish stocks?
 Look, there is no reason that our great grandchildren need to eat fish.
Public school tells second graders: Allah loves cleanliness
Our kids should not learn ANYTHING about Islam.
If we keep them ignorant they'll be more ready to hate and fear, growing up into good little sheeple

John McDonnell And Alastair Campbell Row Over Tony Blair And Jeremy Corbyn
"....created the environment where no one believed a word a politician said."
No, John, that would be the news media. Modern journalists belive it is their job to skewer all politicians and show them up as untrustworthy, unreliable and incompetent. The only time they will cover a politician telling the truth is if that truth is nasty and hurtful to some person or group. In short, the news media are on a deliberate campaign to destroy democracy while increasing anomie.

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