Friday, 9 September 2016

Obama administration shuts down one prison camp at Guantanamo Bay
About time!    This place cost us a fortune, simply to coddle wannabe terrorist and to placate some scaredy-cat Republicans who peed their pants every time anyone suggested that these little prisoners be put in a US jail.

One of the main reasons for the death of truth is that the news media lie to their audiences. They present a view of the world where war, crime, disaster and terrorism are the most common events. Striving for the well-defined niche markets that advertisers crave, they present politics via let's-you-and-him-fight stories (cheaper and easier to write than covering the issues) they then spin in favor of the side their audience backs, conveying that fear and disrespect of anyone with a different political position is permissible, even desirable. Once the province of poisonous talk-radio, this now passes for mainstream journalism.
    Sensationalism sells and, in "a competitive marketplace, the economic basis of which is crumbling," it is understandable that "it pays to be outrageous" - both for the politician and the publisher.
New Grammar Schools Will Make UK ‘Fail As A Nation,’ Warns Chief Inspector Of Schools
We will fail as a nation if we only get the top 15-20% of our children achieving well." 
Far better to have only 10-12% achieving well, as at present.

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