Monday, 12 September 2016

Jeremy Corbyn To Reverse Theresa May’s Grammar School PlansNeither side of this argument gives a toss about the kids - it is all ideology and buzz words. 
What's best for the children? Who cares: we're talking about votes here!

Mo Farah ‘Humiliated’ At US Airport Says Wife TaniaOooooh! Didn't get preferential treatment, Mrs Farah?. 
What's a relative's stardom for if you can't get special treatment?

Labour’s Emily Thornberry Accuses Sky’s Dermot Murnaghan Of Sexism
Of course it is sexist to make a stupid woman look stupid. 
       Had he done the same to a man (as he has in the past) it would not be sexist, as it is okay to make a stupid man look stupid.
       Had a female interviewer made this stupid woman look stupid, it would still be sexist, as it is always sexist to make a stupid woman look stupid.

Richard Reed Slams Liam Fox’s ‘Disgusting’ ‘Fat And Lazy’ CommentsOh Boy! More let's-you-and-him-fight. Thanks Huffpo and Chris York: 
that is SOOO much more satisfying than actually covering the issue - which is far too much work. 
This kind of non-story is a whole lot easier and can be written by any hack,

Here’s The Bad News The Government May Have Wanted You To Miss This WeekNow could you print the stories that Huffpo did not want us to know about this week: 
the ones where people co-operated and made things go right?

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