Thursday, 15 September 2016

Jay Z Describes War On Drugs As ‘Epic Fail’
He should know: he was on the other side.

Jeremy Corbyn And John McDonnell Condemn ‘Hit List’ Of Labour MPs
We absolutely condemn this action that we asked our supporters to do for us.
Jeremy Corbyn Plummets In Polls As Theresa May Surges
Gosh, down on a full 9 out of ten? 
Everyone thought for sure he would only been down on 8 out of 10.

Hillsborough Disaster: Police Chief David Crompton ‘Unfairly Dismissed’
Of course he was unfairly dismissed but that will cut no ice with the lynch mob.

Trump presents vision for creating 25m jobs
We can get lots of jobs by favoring the 1%: they all need their shoes shined.

I admire Tony Blair for beating Tories, says Tim Farron
No, No, Tim. You don;t understand today's Labour Party: it would have been far better if he had lost and Tories stayed in power: that way we could have blamed them for the modern world.
Labour has never liked Tsiolkowski's famous insight: even if horses had been willing to work twice the hours for half the oats, they still would have been replaced by tractors.
PS: It is also against the received wisdom, Tim.  One can not now admire Tony Blair for ANY reason.  He is the designated scapegoat that must be driven into the wilderness to atone for all of OUR sins.

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