Saturday, 10 September 2016

House passes legislation that allows families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia
Does this mean that Iraqi's will be able to sue the USA for collateral damage?

British-Iranian Mother Zaghari-Ratcliffe Imprisoned For Five Years On ‘Secret’ Charges
What nice and civilized people the Iranians are.

California Takes An Unprecedented Stand Against Climate Change
"...rebates on environmentally friendly products like solar panels mostly benefit upper-middle-class and wealthy families."
Because the poor do not benefit from a cleaner environment with lower carbon emissions?   
This is like saying: welfare programs mostly benefit the poor and not the rest of the community.

Gosh!  A non-ideological judge who decides based on the law rather than on his personal preferences. How refreshing! 
    PS: The confederate flag is the quintessential emblem of a loser. It represents a cause that lost militarily, politically and morally. It is still flown almost exclusively by losers today. I do not object to it, as it helps me identify who the losers are.

Trump Lead Story
I see Huffpo gives more coverage to Trump than to Clinton in today's edition again (10 Trump stories to 4 on Clinton), just as it does in every edition. Do you think their anti-Trump stance is a ruse and they secretly want him to be president? Why else would their coverage tally be so lop-sided in his favour?

Column: Why a $15 minimum wage should scare us
I worry about anyone who argues that "McDonalds are ATOMIZING like they already did in Europe" This kind of carelessness makes me suspect the author is equally careless about other aspects of his arguments.
   Still, if you think that a tax on tobacco will reduce smoking and a tax on gasoline will reduce driving, but a tax on employment will not reduce jobs, you could be a Democrat.

Liam Fox Comments Labels Business Executives ‘Lazy’
Uh Oh, He'll be in trouble. One should not tell the truth about others.
    PS: What a stupid lead-in: He was not "caught" doing anything, he gave a speech. 
He did not "undermine" anyone, although he did harangue them. Why does Huffpo always take the nastiest interpretation possible? Are they deliberately TRYING to increase anomie and mistrust of politicians? Do they not care that they make our world a worse place to live, as long as they can sell advertising?

It Took Facebook 2 Weeks To Figure Out The Difference Between War Photo & Kiddie Porn
It took Huffpo three weeks to realize that they could make a let's-you-and-him-fight story out of this.

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