Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Greenland's receding icecap to expose top-secret US nuclear project
Wow, what purports to be a news story turns out, on reading, to be a piece of science fiction: what could happen in a possible future.
     Nice turn in scary with the "biological, chemical and radioactive waste." (Read old dunnies, refrigerators, carbon paper, diesel and radium dials.)
     Still, like much science-fiction, it is a fun read and could possibly even come true if every speculative assumption along the way comes to pass.

Boris Johnson Backs Turkey’s EU Bid After Vote Leave Warned Of Its Impending Membership
Well of course he does. 
If we are out, what better way to destabilize the rump and make our leaving seem wise.

Yvette Cooper: We Must Take 500 Lone Child Refugees Before France Closes Calais ‘Jungle’
Because a third-world country like France is incapable of looking after them?

Baby born from 3 parents a victory for new, controversial procedure
Uh-Oh,get ready for protests against these GM people.
Will GM people be bad or good for humanity? 
As with crops, we don't know and don't care: they use GM so we're against them.

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