Thursday, 1 September 2016

Donald Trump Just Cranked Up The Volume On Immigration
Absolutely outrageous! How dare he ask that people obey the laws of the country the wish to live in? Doesn't he realize that people should only obey those laws they find convenient and any other laws should be ignored? What kind of racist scum is he who thinks all people should obey the same laws, regardless of their ethnicity? Can't he see that Hispanics must be treated differently and that it is discriminatory to treat them the same as everyone else?

Call For Crackdown On ‘Fat Cat’ Pay
We need big government to tell businesses how to run themselves because government is so much better at it than commercial enterprise. There should be laws that say no business can decide anything on their own without government approving any decision. That will make us more competitive, innit?

The Government Will Hit Air Pollution Targets 10 Years Late, Report Say
sOh, but the Kyoto protocol was SO righteous. No one actually met the targets they signed up for, but it made us all feel ever so much better about ourselves.

Burka Ban Backed By 57% Of The British Public, YouGov Survey Find
Burkahs are a deliberate affront to our local cultural values, much like a western woman entering a mosque bare-headed in shorts and a tank top, but there still should be no legal "ban." In a free society, one should be allowed to be as deliberately offensive as one likes, including pointing out how abominable the prophet Mohammed was.

'Creepy' man caught checking out Taylor SwiftHe was "caught" looking exactly where her clothes were designed to draw his eyes. 
What a pig! 
How dare he look at what she wanted him to look at?

Florida Declares Emergency As Tropical Storm Menaces Atlantic Coast
Menaces Atlantic coast?  It is in the bloody Carribean Gulf, Huffpo!   
The feeder bands might drop some rain of the Atlantic coast, but that is it.
Did any of your journalists actually go to school?

This Trans Activist Wants To Change Mexico By Promoting Self-Love
There are also trans-racials who feel they don't look very black (or very white).
They are faced with the same dilemma as trans-sexuals who don't think they look pretty.

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