Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Donald Trump Accuses Lester Holt Of Bias In First Debate
Whine, whine, whine.     "I did not do well so it must be someone else's fault."
Opponents thinks this will hurt Trump. 
Trump supporters know everything is ALWAYS someone else's fault.

"It’s Time To Stop Calling Black Protesters ‘Unpatriotic’"
But it is okay to say that about white protesters?
Or did you mean"It’s Time To Stop Calling Protesters ‘Unpatriotic’"
Or perhaps that it is time to start reporting all deaths at the hands of the police, not just the black ones.

Sam Allardyce Stands Down As England Manager After Newspaper Sting
Of course he should stand down: it is never wise to tell uncomfortable truths - as the lying little scumbag rats from the Daily Telegraph can confirm.

Angela Rayner Kicks Off ‘Education not Segregation’ Campaign To Oppose Grammars
Of course she is against grammar schools - she is not bright enough to get into one.

The UK Could ‘Explode’ Into Riots If Immigration Is Not Curbed By Brexit
Well riots it is then, since Brexit and the end of free movement will NOT reduce net immigration; 
it will just mean that fewer of those people coming in will be white Europeans.

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