Thursday, 29 September 2016

Corbyn doubtful he can whip MPs to oppose Heathrow expansion
That's outrageous! You mean the MPs would vote in the interest of their constituents rather than in favour of Jeremy's personal views?  How dare they?

Hillary Clinton was cheated on and stayed. Many of us do the same
What has she lost?
Is there anything he gave to another woman that he doesn't still have to give to her?
The opposition to polyandry and polygamy is based solely on jealousy and inheritance.
The opposition to promiscuity has some real health risks, but it is also based largely on jealousy and inheritance. Women fear their man having sex with other women, because it may lead to friendship and hence alienation of assets. Men fear fear their woman having friendships with other men, because it may lead to sex and hence a cuckoo chick.

London mayor launches unprecedented inquiry into foreign property ownership
Yeah! It's all them furriners fault, innit. That pesky 7% punches above its weight.
It is particularly distressing that the Chinese, of all people, are buying into "a Chinatown development" in Liverpool.

ASOS Investigation Claims To Expose The ‘True Cost’ Of Fast Fashion
How erudite: the workers are "pressurised" and, I suppose, "discouragised" too.

Jeremy Corbyn Should Stay As Leader Even After General Election Loss
Because, like Trump supporters, we do not care if he wins, we do not care if he lies, 
we do not care if he loses: as long as he whines about the things we whine about. 
He should stay leader until he runs out of silly and unworkable solutions. 
He should stay leader until the Labour Party is down to a manageable 15 or 20 seats.

Shami Chakrabarti Apologises For ‘Essex Man’ Joke At Labour Party Conference
Essex Man is code for Honky.
Her thinly disguised racism will pass; if she were white and said this about another race it would not; 
she would be pilloried, if not crucified.

Transgender Broward teen wins right to change birth record from F to M
      And, to be fair, they should accommodate trans-racers. Whites who identify with being black or Hispanic (or vice-versa) should be able to change the race on their birth certificates.
     They should also amend the date of birth for trans-agers: people who identify with an age different from the number of years they have been on the planet

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