Sunday, 4 September 2016

Chris Wallace Won’t Call Candidates On Their Lies During Last Presidential Debate
His job is to keep the broadcast to time and be a patsy. It is about all we can expect of him. He would need help to recognize a lie and would need to grow a pair to be able to confront anyone on it.

Theresa May Breaks With Brexiteers Over Immigration ProposalsActually, she did not "break with Brexiteers." She did not say she was opposed to a points-based system, merely that her experience showed that points-based systems do not work all that well. 
    However, there would be no conflict - no lets-you-and-him-fight - in reporting that, so Huffpo creates the news by spinning this as a conflict among ministers. They think they can sell more advertising that way, so the truth goes out the window.

Jeremy Corbyn Supporters Believe MI5 Spies Are Working To Undermine Him
      They also believe that the moon is made of green cheese, that the world is flat and that a majority of Labour voters opposed the Iraq war. 
       As Corbyn will keep the left out of power for another decade or two, MI5 will be supporting him, not undermining him.
Sunday Times Accused Of ‘Sexist’ Feature On Childless Women Politicians
Had they done a feature about childless male politicians, that would NOT have been sexist.
Repeat after me: Anything that can be construed as female negative is sexist.
                            Anything male negative is justice.

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