Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Woman Defended By Passenger Against Man On Bus Who Demanded She ‘Speak English’
"We're in Wales and she is speaking Welsh." Nice one! 
But speaking any language is not offensive to local cultural values, where as the horribly sexist Niqab is. Niqab wearers are either pig ignorant of local cultural values or being deliberately disrespectful of them.

Nigel Farage Told He ‘Dragged British Politics Into The Gutter’
No, it is the British media, including Huffpo, who have done that. 
They will give no one any press time unless they attack someone or make xenophobic, hitlerian, or other outrageous chicken-little statements. Anyone who talks quietly and dispassionately about the issues simply gets no coverage.

Jeremy Corbyn Denies He’ll Be To Blame For Brexit
The lead-in Headline says "Blissfully Blameless." 
It should read "Unusually Useless"

Nigel Farage No One Cared About His Anti-Immigration Poster Until Jo Cox Was Killed
He only says that because he is an insensitive piece of scum who is famous for being famous. 
How much is he paying the media, Huffpo included, for all the unjustified coverage he is getting?

U.S. Likely Won’t Deliver On Promise To Resettle 10,000 Syrian Refugees
"These figures are a drop in the bucket compared to the influx of refugees and asylum seekers that Europe has experienced"
    The US has taken in 750,000 refugees from Latin America each year for the last 10 years or more. That is 7.5 million over a decade. How many has Europe taken in that time?

Federal Judge Refuses To Block Mississippi Anti-LGBT Law
Radical Christianists get to keep their law until the case is actually heard, because none of the plaintiffs faced any immediate injury that would justify an injunction - so the reason was technical and had nothing to do with the issue.

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