Sunday, 5 June 2016

Trump Says Muslim Judges Also Might Not Be Fair To Him
Yeah! Let's get rid of all mick-spick-wop-kike-towelhead judges. 
Only people who look like me should judge me. 
That means only black judges can judge black folk, only chinese judges can judge chinese folk, only cherokee judges can judge cherokee folk, only muslim judges can judge muslim folk?
     Hmmmm, I may need to re-think this.

Boris Johnson: UK Population Will Hit 80 Million If We Stay In The EU
If we leave it will only be 79.8 million

JK Rowling Calls Out ‘Racists’ Who Criticise Casting Black Woman As Hermoine
Nothing wrong with a black woman playing Hermione, nor with a white woman playing Storm or Rue. They are fictional characters whose roles are race indifferent: they would be the same people whether black, white or chinese.   As long as Hermione is the bubbly, smart and caring nerd who wants to be seen to succeed in front of authority, who cares what color she is?

Report: Over 130 Migrant Bodies Wash Ashore In Libya
And what is Libya doing to stop this?

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