Thursday, 16 June 2016

Trump Calls For Surveillance Of Mosques
Okay, as long as we can have surveillance of Trump headquarters and branch offices. 
I know which I think is the greater danger to the United States of America.

Islamic State Is Committing Genocide Against Yazidis
They have been doing this for some years now. Daesh are moharebeh: enemies of Allah.
However, like the Jews in Germany, everyone chooses not to know anything about it.

Corbyn: Stop Blaming Migrants & EU For Job Insecurity Caused By Labour And Tories
You can blame them all you like. 
Bottom line: leaving the EU will NOT reduce net migration.

Birstall Shooting: Labour MP Jo Cox Shot And Stabbed
Not only shot (we should ban guns) but stabbed (we should ban knives). People can keep their guns in shooting clubs and their knives in cooking clubs, where they can use them as they were intended. There is no compelling reason to have a gun or a knife in the home.

The Fundamental Question About Trump: What’s Wrong With This Guy?
There is nothing wrong with Trump. He is just your average guy who inherited a fortune and rolled it along by cheating others while remaining pretty well ignorant of world affairs. (That last part is much like most Americans.)
      There is also nothing wrong with him deciding that he wants to seek the nomination for President of the United States of America despite having neither the knowledge nor the competence to do the job and despite him being a lying, blowhard, xenophobic bankrupt. 
     The only thing wrong is that Republican primary voters agreed with him, mostly because of the xenophobia - they are willing to forgive all the other drawbacks as long as he stays bigoted

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