Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Trump brushes aside judge controversy, goes after Clinton
America's only hope: wait to see who the VP candidates are, vote for the party with the best one and pray for an assassination

Register To Vote Deadline For EU Referendum Should Be ExtendedSo a bunch of lazy gits clogged the system at the last minute. 
Is there anyone would did not predict that.
Now they will whine that it is someone else's fault.

Trump Says Comments About Judge 'Have Been Misconstrued'His comments about this judge were xenophobic and that was not misconstrued.
However, his remarks were misconstrued as racist. They were NOT racist. 
Mexican is NOT a race, it is a nationality. 
Mexicans come in many races, including Caucasian, Afro-Caribbean, Asian, Amerindian and Mestizo.

As transgender teens struggle, here’s how one Kentucky school copes
What about the trans-racials, who identify with a different race than the one they were born with? And the trans-agers, who identify with a different age than the years they have been on the planet. Shouldn't trans-age 16-year-olds be allowed to compete in the under-14 squad, shouldn't trans-racials be eligible for minority-only scholarships? "It all comes down to being respected as a person and accepted."
There is an incentive in being seen as special: being treated differently from everyone else: those who say they are "trans" whatever expect to be able to do things that are forbidden to people who do not say they are trans.

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