Monday, 27 June 2016

The RNC Plans To Turn Bernie Backers Against Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick
These folk view our leadership and government as just a game, where winning is more important than the American people. They know that this kind of cynical creation of divisiveness increases anomie and apathy and makes the United States a worse place to live. They just don't care.

     Of course there is no hurry, we can stay in the EU as long as we like. We just keep paying the net 8 billion a year, obeying all EU regulations, allowing free immigration of EU citizens and subordinating our courts to the EU ones until 2 years after we invoke the clause.
     We could wait until just before the next election in 2020, if parliament wants. Then, after the current lot are voted out, it would be up to the next government to botch the negotiations.   That is what Cameron is doing, why not the rest of parliament?

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