Sunday, 26 June 2016

Shields and Brooks on voter disenchantment across the globe
It seems to me that  the vote for Brexit was not just a vote against the EU, it was a vote against the modern world.  Similarly, a large portion of the vote for Trump is a vote against the modern world. 
       Sadly, for those voters, the modern world is not going away. With Brexit, most of the things the people voted against (immigration, the threat of terrorism, a weak economy, a jobless recovery, weak social mobility, inequality of wealth and power, and governments - at whatever level - interfering in their daily lives) will continue unchanged or will worsen. Ditto for Mr Trump.
       Many of these votes come from people who feel desperate and do not know what else they can to do. They are willing to suffer pain and compromise on some principles for the hope of stopping these tides from their inevitable rise.   Thus some cosmopolitans were willing to close an eye to the xenophobia of Farage and his ilk, even though they were aware that EU migrants are a significant net benefit to our economy and culture and they personally oppose discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin.  Some economically literate were willing to see a currency and market fall: it was not that they did not believe the experts who predicted this, it was simply a price they were willing to pay.
       Equally sadly, the things that many are voting for (freedom, independence, democracy, a greater voice in how society is organised) will not improve, whether under Brexit or Trump. 
       Many Brexit and Trump voters are just tired of being told what to do by uncaring incompetents while things, in their view, go downhill.  Many, whether knowingly or not, are rebelling against the elite, as described by Gaetano Mosca and Elmer Schattschneider.   It may seem ironic or paradoxical that these rebels follow a member of the elite (Boris Johnson or Donald Trump) but that is merely per force: they have little else to choose and they are not ready for revolution.

Second EU Referendum Petition Reaches 2.1 Million Signatures After Brexit Vote
I am opposed too Neverendums. Instead, let's revise the idea of the Hanseatic League, with London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Leicester and Newcastle uniting to do a Leave on the UK.

Clip From 'Yes Minister' Basically Explains Brexit

Good!  We need a new Scexit Referendum now! 
We are tired of subsidizing them and can't be rid of these drains on the exchequer soon enough.

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