Saturday, 18 June 2016

Russian Track And Field Athletes Barred From Competing In Rio Olympics

I did like Putin saying that Russia's (quote) "so-called clean athletes" should be allowed to participate.

Is the economic cost of Brexit too great?
Brexiteers are like kids demanding independence from their parents, but wanting to live in the garage rent-free and still have mum do the laundry. The difficulty the UK electorate is facing is that, for totally unrelated reasons, they do not trust ANY of the leaders on either side of the campaign. They say to themselves: "These people have always lied to us in the past, why should we believe them now." Like the US Presidential race, it is hard to decide when you think that both sides are liars.

Is white America blind on racism, or just playing dumb?
Not just white America, all of America is blind on this topic.
This column is quite racist in its own right.

UK Gun Laws ‘Saved Tube Knife Attack From Turning Into Orlando Style Massacre’
Just as these laws stopped Thomas Mair?

Thomas Mair Charged With Murder Of British Politician Jo Cox
We need to know how this man was radicalized and what we can do to stop other Britons from becoming radicalized.

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