Thursday, 9 June 2016

National Cathedral Will Remove Confederate Flags From Stained Glass Windows
Another cover-up. 
Trying to pretend that this flag never existed is wrong-headed: understandable, but wrong-headed. 
Bowdlerising history does not build an enlightened public. 
This is the equivalent of Victorians vandalising Greek and Renaissance art with fig-leaves. 
Unless we wish to pretend that Lee and Jackson fought under some other flag, we should leave them as they are.

'Not even death can stop 200,000 migrants wanting to escape'
Of course the threat of death can't stop them:
1) they think others will die but they will not
2) they have a simple plea: "We have stuffed out country (or allowed it to be stuffed) and have given up on trying to fix it - so we want to come to your country now.   Indeed, because our own country is so stuffed, we think we are entitled to come to your country."
Appeals court rules no constitutional right to carry concealed guns
Good for the court. The constitution says I have a right to bear arms. It does not say I have a right to bear arms sneakily hidden from my fellow citizens of the United States of America

Supreme Court Deals Blow To Puerto Rican Government — And Gives Hope To The People
So there is hope that Puerto Rico can become like Greece and have taxpayers from other places cover their government's profligate lifestyle?

ITV EU Debate: ‘Remain’ Campaign Repeatedly Gangs Up On Boris Johnson
The EU referendum is clearly not about the EU at all, but a referendum about the personalities in the Leave and Remain campaigns. This is fortunate, because neither the electorate nor the mainstream media journalists want to do the work to understand the issues. Both, however, understand - indeed cut their eye-teeth on - let's-you-and-him-fight.

W.H.O. Advises Delaying Pregnancy in Areas With Zika Transmission
Good thing, as family planning is now considered a sin, but disease prevention is okay.
But what if my religious beliefs say that God intends us  to have pin-head kids, 

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