Tuesday, 14 June 2016

LGBT Americans target of violent hate crimes more than any other group
Often the violence comes from one of their own LBGT community members, as in this case. 
Self-hatred turned outwards and rationalised by a "cause" hot in the news and found on the internet.
In Orlando mass shooting, a search for motive 
When it turns out that not only is his connection to ISIS only in his dreams but, far from being a homophobe he was a member of the LBGT community and a regular at the club, I think: "All those lovely knee-jerk reactions gone to waste!"

A Mass Shooter 'Pledges Allegiance' To ISIS. What Does This Mean?
What this means is a licence, a rationalization of the opportunity to kill a bunch of people with impunity and a god on your side. ISIS would have 10-time the recruits to fight for them if they did not insist that they all be Muslims.

Trump Calls To Ban Immigration From Countries With 'Proven History Of Terrorism'
Good idea Donnie
       Sweden, Ireland, the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and all of the old Yugoslavia - and that is just the European Countries with a Proven History of Terrorism. Then there is Russia, all of the Middle east, all of central Asia, the entire India sub-continent, India, China and Japan.
      We should also restrict the movement of people from places in the USA with a proven history of terrorism, such as Californians, Floridians, Bostonians, Arizionans, Oklahomans and members of US Army.

The Labour supporters backing Brexit 
The Leavers are like kids who demand independence from their parent then ask to live in the garage rent free. They remind me of Alex Salmond, promising to pay 300% more than they take back from the EU with their fantasies about money pouring in from some undefined new spirit in the future

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