Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Justice Alito Warns Of ‘Ominous Sign’ For Religious Freedom At The Supreme Court
He is right, it is just not fair. 
Religious freedom should mean that Jewish ambulance drivers are allowed to refuse to carry people who eat pork or cheeseburgers.
Muslim emergency room doctors should be able to refuse to treat people who have drunk alcohol.
Christian police should be able to refuse to attend any domestic dispute where one of the parties has committed adultery.

Deadly Suicide Bombings Hit Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport
Will this wake Turkey to the dangers of islamist factions? Will they return to secularism? Unlikely, as Erdogan sees the Islamist as the way to keep himself in power. 
    What is good for Turkey? He doesn't care. It is only what is good for Erdogan that matters.

Clinton claims House Benghazi report ‘found nothing,’
House Spent Millions Of Dollars On Benghazi Committee To Exonerate Clinton
Not guilty again? Well that is just not good enough.
Let's keep trying her until we find her guilty.
The only reason that she gets off is because of the stupid insistence on evidence.
If the congress had any backbone, they would follow their desire for mob justice and just lynch her.
     That would certainly save a lot of our tax dollars that Republicans seem to spend like it was water.
Just as Brexit won from a desire to say "up yours" to the elite, including mainstream policitians. Corbyn will win, especially given the number of conservatives that have registered as Labour party members. He will then use this as a mandate to punish sitting MPs (which it, indeed, will be).   
The net result: a labour party that is even less electable than it is now, unless a lot of xenophobic MPs are selected. 
Failing that, many will desert to UKIP and Labour could take over the role of the Liberals as the conscience of the nation - but only if they can get rid of their traditional politics of me-I-my-mine self-interest.

Oh Joy! As we only lost 120bn on Brexit, that means we're now only down 80bn. What a great result!

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