Friday, 3 June 2016

EU referendum: 'scaremongering' Cameron attacked by Michael Gove
Dear Guardian
Why are you reporting this referendum debate almost entirely in terms of individuals or "sides" attacking each other?
Is reporting the actual issues just to much work?
I know that let's-you-and-him-fight stories are easier to write, but do you feel NO duty to inform your readers?
U.S. Women's Soccer Team Cannot Go On Strike, Court RulesThe soccer women deserve the money, since they have been drawing more audience than the men. 
Tennis women should also be paid according the audience they draw. 
Paying one gender the same money as the other for drawing smaller audiences is just sexist discrimination

Michael Gove Accused Of ‘Donald Trump Politics’ In Sky News EU Referendum Debate"Michael Gove was accused" - i.e. accused by a journalist. 
What business does a journalist have accusing anyone of anything? I thought news sources accused each other and journalists reported it. Now it seems we have cut out the middle man. Why not just cut out all interviewees and have two journalists role-play various positions with each other?
        "Islam hit back..." so "hitting" interviewees is now part of the job. I know people who are like that in conversation: they don't really listen or respond to what you say, they just wait for a pause to score points. Seems that style is now considered journalism.

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