Thursday, 2 June 2016

Elon Musk Says Our Existence Could Be Someone Else’s Video Game
Very nice argument and irrefutable: not necessarily correct, but not refutable. In this case, scientific discoveries are actually inventions, not discoveries at all and replicable experiments are acts of persuasive creativity.
     Then again, those who believe in God know that the entire universe could have been created 10 seconds ago with all memories and fossil records intact. Given the premise (that God exists) this argument is also irrefutable

Here's The New Plastic £5 Note That Could Actually Have You Paying Twice

"...notes can stick together, raising fears that shoppers, especially the elderly, may accidentally end up paying twice... "
     75 other countries use such notes, but the fear is that the British, especially the elderly British will be stupider than the people and the elderly of Romania, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Jamaica, Australia or Vietnam

Trump Claims Judge In University Suit Had ‘An Absolute Conflict’ Because He’s MexicanSince most judges are honest, it would be hard to find one that is not biased against Donnie

David Cameron Clashes With Sky’s Faisal Islam Over ‘Brexit’ War ClaimWho does Islam think he is and has he ever heard of Jugoslavia?
   Good for Cameron: a politician finally calls a journo for wanting more asttention for their own opinions than for those of the interviewee. 
     It is particularly annoying when the opinions of the journo are glib, facile, immature and/or just plain wrong, as in this case. 

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