Tuesday, 21 June 2016

British man, 20, accused of trying to kill Donald Trump
Another Radical British Extremist! 
We need to stop all Britons coming into the United States until we can figure out what is going on.

Michael Gove Hints He May Quit Government If UK Votes To ‘Remain’ At EU Referendum
That would be a blessing - and a benefit I hadn't considered.

JK Rowling And Nadine Dorries  Bust-Up Over David Beckham’s Pro-EU Post 
And Huffpo presents this as "news" because.....?
Why does this journal insist on lets-you-and-her-fight stories, rather than cover the issues? 
Is it just laziness, or is there an agenda?

Senate Republicans Call For More Surveillance After Orlando Massacre
These blinking Republican liberals shouldn't be allowed to trash the 4th Amendment in this way.
Where is their respect for the Constitution?

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