Thursday, 30 June 2016

Andrew Castle Slammed Over ‘Lecherous’ Comments About Marcus Willis’ Girlfriend
It is neither sexist nor lecherous to imply that someone looks nice. 
The whiners should get their minds out of the gutter and get a life.

Mhairi Black Makes Impromptu Speech Pleading For State Pension Equality
There should be pension equality!  Males have been discriminated against in this regard for decades.  It is time this sexism stopped.     That is, Black is NOT pleading not for equality, but for continuing tinequality in favour of women, and Huffpo is deliberately conniving in her attempts to mislead the public.

Judge’s Sentence In Immigrant’s Sexual Assault Case Shows He Needs To Be Fired
Typical mob reaction: blame people who follow the laws as they are written, not the laws nor the legislators who wrote them.    They seem to want him fired because he did use his position on the bench to put his own views above the law in deciding these cases.  

Conservative Christians Grapple With Whether 'Religious Freedom' Includes Muslims 
I'd like to know what Wofford said about catholics murdering protestants in Northern Ireland? 
Did he call for a ban on building catholic churches?

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