Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Does America Have a Foreign Policy?Actually we do:
   Keep your head down, 
   Try not to get involved in things you don't understand, 
   Tremble in a politically correct manner when anyone mentions religion, 
   Hope someone else will handle things, 
   Only act when the call is overwhelming and 
   Never provide sufficient resources if you decide to get involved militarily. 
(The last one is the only hang-over from the Bush era.)

Apple Charged With The Death Of An Entire Country's Economy
Yep. It is always someone else's fault, Mr Stubb, innit?

Mitch McConnell: I Didn't Earn My Millions, I Inherited Them!It's why our inheritance laws need changing - so the money earned by the bright and diligent does not simply pass to the dull and idle because they happen to be children of the rich. Allow every person to leave a house, a car and $1 million to anyone they chose, whether related or not. The dull and idle willl have enough to live out their days, the bright and dilligent will use it to build another fortune. 
PS: Personal bequests in excess of these limits should be taxed at 75%

Wendy Davis Campaign Defends Controversial Attack Ad
Welcome to modern American politics: never mind what I stand for, look how evil and vile my opponent is. If I can smear the person I am running against enough, you will overlook my own failings. 
        After all, everyone knows that candidates from the other party are trying to ruin their own country (state, county, city) and make it a worse place to live: it is the only reason they run.

Tony Blair 'emulated Hitler's oration techniques', Boris Johnson saysEver the clown, Boris, but turning nasty in your old age? Now tell us whose techniques Hitler used - and name some great orators who did not use these techniques.

Most People Caught Crossing Southwest Border Last Fiscal Year Weren't From MexicoIt's the Monty Python school of citizenship: rather than stay and fix your own country, run away. 
I can undertand that: today, fixing your country is now considered someone else's job. 
What I don't understand is why, once they get here, do they think we owe them sometihing
Islamic State Have A Magazine Out, And It Justifies Sex SlaveryActually, there is nothing Islamic about the so-called Islamic States, which is run and staffed by mohareb enemies of Allah.
ISIS is actually short for Inhuman Savages In Syria

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