Sunday, 19 October 2014

Trolls To Get Up To Two Years In Prison Under New Laws
"No-one would permit such venom in person, so there should be no place for it on social media...."
Sorry, did I miss something? 
If said in person, this would draw a 2-year prison sentence?
Under what law please?   Why can this law not be used against internet trolls?

David Cameron's EU Immigration Cap Proposal Shot Down Pretty Quickly
A recent poll showed that 58% of Brits think that we should have the right to live and work freely anywhere in the EU. Only 39% said that EU citizens should have the right to live and work freely in the UK. 
    Basically, the Tories get traction on EU "renegotiation" because we want to have our cake and eat it too.

Tories also want a referendum on leaving, a repeat of the one just held in Scotland. 
      If Great Britain votes to leave, it will be the fault of media bias: constantly harping on the negatives about the union, whilst rarely (if ever) reporting the positives. Referenda are not won or lost on fact, but on emotion: how people feel about an issue. People feel negatively towards the EU because that is nearly all they have ever been told about it.

Zac Goldsmith Blasts Bill To Recall MPs (as too weak)
"...voters should be able to call a petition under any circumstances."
Careful what you wish for Zac: you may see elections every year, at taxpayer expense.  As the recent Scottish referendum on leaving the UK and EU showed, the side that loses an election today always contains a faction that thinks any vote they lose must be rigged. They will want to keep repeating elections until they get the result they want. 

That is, the "circumstances" leading to the recall petition will be "having won the election."

Prince Charles Orders Grey Squirrel Cull On His Duchy Of Cornwall Estate
No, outrageous! The grey squirrel MUST be allowed to drive the red squirrel into extinction.  Then we can all whine that human beings made the red squirrel extinct. Which, of course, will be true: it was humans who imported the grey squirrel.

Ed Miliband's Cancer Test NHS Pledge Blasted By Leukaemia Patient Stephen Pollard
So Milliband's idea is impossible and shows a complete ignorance of the facts. 
How is that dfifferent from most political promises?
      Mr Pollard suggests that the ignorance might be deliberate: that Milliband may know his idea is impossible. 
      Again, how is that different from most political promises?

Ched Evans Insists He Is Innocent Of Rape After Being Released From Prison
It is an intereasting legal principle: people who are drunk are not responsible for their actions in law. 
Does that mean drunk drivers are not capable of consenting to drive?

Why Did The Washington Post Name The Volunteer Accused In Prostitution Scandal?Why did they reveal his name? Because it helps them sell advertising, It might ruin his life, even though he probably did nothing wrong? Who cares? We are talking about selling advertising here!

Louise Mensch 'Pins Tory Election Hopes' On Ebola OutbreakWhy does Huffpo give this self-serving publicist exposure after she reneged on her promise to her constituents. I understand that, being human, she may have ethical limitations, but why does a journllistic enterprise cater to them?
      Question for the investigative journalist: does Huffpo get some benefit from airing her views?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pens Scathing Dissent On Texas Voter ID LawThe lead-in headline says "Poll Tax on 600,000"
    The Texas government website says "If you do not have any of the following acceptable forms of ID, beginning June 26, 2013, you may apply for an Election Identification Certificate (EIC) at no charge."

So a Poll Tax of $0 per person?

PS: I also note that the Texas government website says: "If you are voting by mail, you do not have to submit a photo ID." This includes any Texan living otuside the USA, including those residing in Mexico.

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