Sunday, 5 October 2014

Lottery is 'fairer' way of deciding who gets top school placesLottery would also be a fairer way to pick parliamentarians, but we won't do that either.  But, if we do one, we should certainly do the other.

Amelia: IPsoft's New Artificial Intelligence Can Think Like A Human, And Wants Your Job
"...with Amelia you can upload the entire text of a complex technical manual - in this demo it was an instructional text which had something to do with oil rig maintanence - and Amelia will digest the entire thing in seconds. Then when you type in a question (in one of 20 languages) it will be able to send you a genuinely useful answer, without having access to any other network, manual or information store. It can go from knowing nothing to being able to teach you to fix a faulty oil rig in 30 seconds."
    When you interact with her, feed her texts on employment law, exploitation and slavery.

The Walmart Wealth Gap Is Getting Much More Troubling
I know! Let's steal it all from them and give it to ourselves/ That'll work, right?

John Cantlie's Father Issues Powerful Plea To Islamic State
"He sought only to help the Syrian people "
Well, as far as ISIS are concerned, that is a serious strike against him right there.

The Rainbow List 2014: A list that says: Oh look at me, look at me, oh, please, look at me!

Blackpool becomes the latest zombie airport
Gosh! It is clear that the users who love this airport are not willing to pay the extra cost of keeping it, but can't they use someone else's money? Can't we FORCE someone to lose money hand over fist or shunt the losses on to the taxpayer to keep these privileged people in the airport they would like to become accustomed to?

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