Monday, 27 October 2014

Fraud crackdown could wipe millions from the electoral roll
Oh no, not another policy that asks citizens to shoulder their responsibilities! Don't they understand that it is someone else's job to see that I am registered to vote?   Especially if I am poor: poor people should have no responsibilities, only rights.

Humanity's 'inexorable' population growth is so rapid, even global catastrophe wouldn't stop it
"Our great-great-great-great-grandchildren might ultimately benefit from such planning, but people alive today will not,” Professor Brook said.
         That explains why nothing will be done about this. Our politicians can't even do anything about debt and deficit that will cripple our children or climate change that will choke our grandchildren. Great grandchildren? Let 'em eat cake!
         Or we could take the Kyoto approach: everyone signs up to targets that they have no intention of even trying to meet and do not meet, but they can feel morally superior to those who didn't sign up, even if some non-signatories do better at meeting the targets.

We Should Help 'Frightened, Disillusioned' Jihadis Come Home From Syria
True, we should be gentle on these thugs, rapists and murderers because they are young and did not realise that murder, rape and slave-trading are wrong. Neither their parents nor their religious leaders taught them that ISIS are mohareb enemies of Allah, so it is not their fault (i.e. they were too stupid to have an opinion of their own).

David Cameron Refuses To Wear Elle Magazine's Feminist T-Shirt... Five Times
What? How dare our prime minister not have his clothing dictated to him by a for-profit magazine exploiting the feminist movement to make more money?

University lecturers plan marking strike over pension changes that 'could cost thousands'
Universities UK.... said the pension scheme was £8bn short of meeting its financial requirements and a recovery plan was “unavoidable”.

Translation: "We stole £8bn of the lecturers money and we have NO intention of giving it back. Now that our word has been shown to be worthless, they should negotiate with us in good faith to get a new promise.  Although we break our promises with impunity, it would be cynical of them to break their promise to mark exams and papers. Just because we are liars is no reason for them to be liars.

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