Thursday, 30 October 2014

Fiona Woolf Faces Fresh Scrutiny Over Re-Written LetterFormer home secretary Lord Brittan denies failing to act on a dossier of paedophilia allegations he received while in office in the 1980s."   That is flat not true. He has said, and the record shows, that he did act: passing the dossier to the appropriate authorities. It is only a self-publicising politician who made the false suggestion that he failed to act, and the media have picked this charge up because conflict sells advertising - and they do not care if something is true or not, as long as it sells advertising.

Severe Punishments Don't Stop Drug Use, Home Office Report SaysTough sentencing does not deter crime - we have known that for years. This is not the first home office study that shows this clearly - nor the third. Nor, if we include academcic research and research from other countries, the 10th or 20th
     However, tough sentencing wins votes, because it appeals to our desire for revenge. Facts or votes, which do you think will win?
     Being "soft on crime" loses votes - so what do you think are our chances of politicians implementing the change to a system that works better and is cheaper, but is not so harsh?

Ukip Voters Are 'Darkly Pessimistic' About Their Lives
And it is not just UKIP. The media have told us that life in Britain is bad and that around rest of the world it is even worse. With a 90/10 bais towards conflict and negative stories, media outlets (including Huffpo) should not be surprised if they have made people darkly pessimistic.

FOX News To Reveal SEAL Team Six Member Who Shot Bin Laden Well, anything to aid our enemies - as long as it gets FOX some notoriety.

Washington Post Masthead Will Soon Be All-Male
Gosh. If they appointed their masthead staff on merit, we need to change this immediately and pick them on racist and sexist grounds, so the masthead looks diverse. What will that do for quality and profitability - proabably nothing either way, but who cares? Our agenda is not to succeed as a newspaper; our agenda is to be seen as PC.

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