Friday, 10 October 2014

Amazon's Monopoly Must Be Broken Up: A Radical Plan For The Tech Giant
The scariest thing about focusing on price and squeezing suppliers (including the suppliers of labour) is that government handouts become an important part of the business model in the entire supply chain. If we can get the government to pick up chunks of employees' medical, housing and food bills, we can make the price tags seem smaller. 
       Of course there is some benefit to that, in that product prices are not progressive - people pay the same price in a store whether they are rich or poor, so the poor get a relatively larger benefit from low prices (in percent of disposable income terms). Plus, the rich pay the overwhelming largest share of the tax that supports the government handouts, so the poor benefit again.
       What is scary is the culture of dependency and concomittent low self-esteem that we build.

PS: A pity this article sspends so much time on the problem and none on the solution:
How would Amazon be broken up? What would be the effect on suppliers?  On consumers?

Federal Court Blocks Texas Voter ID Law, Calling It A 'Poll Tax'"She concluded that the sponsors of the measure “were motivated, at the very least in part, because of and not merely in spite of the voter ID law’s detrimental effects on the African-American and Hispanic electorate.”
      Well whoopdee-doo for her. Given her irrelevant second-guessing of the motives of others based on hearsay evidence, I am not surprissed the state said it would appeal immediately. I'd say they have a good chance of this decision being sent back for a re-hearing.
     I would have been much happier had she simply struck this down based on our constitution and the discriminatory effect of the law itself.

Supreme Court Blocks Wisconsin Voter ID LawWell, actually NOT "smacked," as the lead-in headline suggested - merely still open for debate.

Republicans Hint At Another Government Shutdown Over ObamacareWell, it will damage the American economy and hurt our own constitutents but who cares? It's an election year and we are talking about my paycheck here.

Top Gear Falklands Row Takes New Twist As Police Find 'B***end' Number PlatesThis is what Huffpo calls news? Jeez, people, get a life.

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