Thursday, 4 September 2014

Tony Blair 'Philanthropist Of The Year' Award Defended By GQ Magazine
The hatred for Blair is actually self-hatred. 

The overwhelming majority the country was in favor of intervening in Iraq (only the Liberal Party opposed the idea). Later, when we saw how hard Iraq was going to be and how incompetently the Americans would handle it, we changed our mind. Once we changed our mind, we needed a scapegoat to blame for doing what we all wanted done at the time but now were ashamed of. 

Once Tony Blair became our scapegoat, nothing else he ever did can have any merit, so we must think his philanthropy is rubbish, no matter how many it has helped. 

Otherwise, we might have to look in the mirror.

New Book Says C.I.A. Official in Benghazi Held Up Rescue
But they have left out the most crucial bit of information: was the CIA station chief a Republican or a Democrat? See, we don't really care about the folks who were killed or how we can do better next time unless it is instrumental to partisan point scoring.

Countries Launch Global Effort To Halt Islamic State's Recruitment Of Foreign Fighters
That's not going to work. The chance to rape and murder with impunity is irresistable. The recruits don't actually care whether who they get to rape murder or why they are encouraged to rape and murder (whether for some mohareb perversion of Islam or any other reason). They just want to go murder men and rape women - having a get out of jail free card is just a bonus.

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