Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Nigel Farage Accuses Alex Salmond Of 'Excessive Nationalism' Ahead Of Vote
It is called jingoism, Nigel, and it includes the desire to withdraw into an ethnically purer enclave of one's own - to be part of something smaller where people are more like me. It extols the virtues of my own ethnic group while decrying the influence of foreigners. 
       This is a growing trend around the world, exemplified by the Abkahzi, Basque, Bosnian, Catalan, Croat, Chechnyan, Kosavar, Kurd, Kasmiri, Mapuche, Moro, Ossetian, Quebecoise, Russian Ukrainian, SzĂ©kelylander, Scot, Tamil, Tibetan, Uighyur, Venetan, Walloon, Zapatista and the wealthy gated communities of America.
      Odd that Nigel is against this, since it is precisely Salmond's arguments that he and UKIP use to advocate withdrawl from Europe. Essentially, UKIP, SNP and the BNP all rest upon the same base rationale.

Absolutely. And if any buildings are named after biblical character, they should use the Aramaic spelling and script; logograms if named for a chinese benefactor  .
PS: Writing Arapaho in Latin script is already a racist cultural insult, regardless of the spelling used.

President Obama’s leadership under scrutiny as world looks to US for response to Isis
Funny how everyone whines about how America should stop messing about in other parts of the world, but when things go bad they all expect America to fix it.
    There is no chance that Obama can put together any coherant foreign policy or plan for ISIS, Syria or the Ukraine, since the Republicans will oppose anything that he suggests. Even if he takes up a Republican idea (as he did with Romneycare) the Republicans will change their mind and say that they are now against it.

Ashya King's Parents Reunited With Terminally Ill Son
About Time!  This is entire saga was both morally and LEGALLY unacceptable. The NHS trust and the CPS should both be prosecuted for false arrest and for state-sponsored child abuse.

Dancing guardsman at Buckingham Palace now faces a possible investigation
Oh give us a break. Investigate what? Whether anyone has a sense of humour? Slap him on the wrist and tell him not to do it again. Lighten up.

Wes Welker Suspended For Violating NFL's Performance-Enhancing Drug Policy
"...violating the league's performance-enhancing drug policy"
What nonsense. 
Pain killers (which do enhance performance) are perfectly acceptable, whereas recreational drugs (which probably degrade performance) are banned under this Alice-in-Wonderland "policy."

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